Vigex 20th International Photographic Print Salon 2019


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NATURE 32 128
TOTAL 57 714

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Print Status Codes:
    (NOP)=No prints received or entry declined
    (PRP)=Prints received and processed
    (RCV)=Prints received but not yet processed

  ALLAMAPRABHU, Dinesh  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open,  4 Nature  Not Paid   Karnataka,  India 
  ARESHEV, Sergey  (PRP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open  Paid   Moscow,  Russian Federation 
  BOYD, Cyril, PPSA, LRPS  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open  Paid   Antrim,  Northern Ireland 
  BOYTELL, Kerry, EFIAP/b, MAPS  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open,  4 Nature,  4 Creative Colour,  4 Photo Travel  Paid   Nsw,  Australia 
  CASEY, Bronwen, EFIAP, MAPS  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open,  4 Nature,  4 Creative Colour,  4 Photo Travel,  4 Differences In Society  Paid   Victoria,  Australia 
  CHAN, Samuel  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open,  4 Nature  Paid   Auckland,  New Zealand 
  CHANG, Yueh-Chu  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open,  4 Nature,  4 Creative Colour,  4 Photo Travel,  4 Differences In Society  Not Paid   Taichung City,  Taiwan 
  CHARTERIS, Mark  (PRP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open,  4 Nature,  4 Photo Travel  Paid   Nsw,  Australia 
  CHATTERJEE, Goutam, EFIAP, AFIAP  (RCV)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Creative Colour  Not Paid   West Bengal,  India 
  CHIOU, Jih-Fa, PPSA  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open,  4 Nature,  4 Creative Colour,  4 Photo Travel,  4 Differences In Society  Not Paid   Changhua,  Taiwan 
  CHOI, Yonghoon  (NOP)  4 Nature,  4 Photo Travel  Paid   Seoul,  South Korea 
  COSKUN, Fedai  (PRP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open,  4 Nature,  4 Creative Colour,  4 Photo Travel,  3 Differences In Society  Paid   Cankaya/ankara/turkey,  Turkey 
  DE BLANK, Chris, AFIAP, AAPS  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open,  4 Nature,  4 Photo Travel  Paid   Western Australia,  Australia 
  DEBNATH, Sujoy, EFIAP  (RCV)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Creative Colour  Not Paid   West Bengal,  India 
  DICKERSON, Terry, PPSA  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open,  4 Creative Colour  Paid   Ca,  USA 
  DOIG, Barry, FPSNZ, AFIAP  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open  Paid   Nelson,  New Zealand 
  ENGLISH, Dianne, AFIAP  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open,  4 Nature  Paid   Nsw,  Australia 
  FIELD, Steve  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open  Paid   S Glos,  England 
  FLOOD, Jane  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open,  4 Nature,  4 Photo Travel,  4 Differences In Society  Paid   New South Wales,  Australia 
  FOERSTER, Helmut, EPSA, EFIAP  (PRP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open,  4 Creative Colour,  4 Photo Travel  Paid   By,  Germany 
  GOEHLER, Holger, PPSA  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Nature,  4 Photo Travel  Paid   Dresden,  Germany 
  GORAI, Krishna Kanta  (RCV)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open  Not Paid   West Bengal,  India 
  GUSTAVSON, Corliss  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open  Paid   Sa,  Australia 
  HARATYM, Jacek, AFIAP  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open  Paid   Jakubowice Koninskie,  Poland 
  HARPER, Stephen  (NOP)  4 Nature  Paid   Suffolk,  England 
  HENDERSON, David  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open,  4 Nature  Paid   Nsw,  Australia 
  HOLMES, Lauren, LAPS  (PRP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open,  4 Nature,  4 Photo Travel,  2 Differences In Society  Paid   East Geelong Victoria,  Australia 
  JENKIN, Barbara, GMPSA/b, EFIAP/p, SPSA  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open  Paid   Cornwall,  England 
  JENKIN, Malcolm, GMPSA/b, EFIAP/d1, BPSA  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open  Paid   Cornwall,  England 
  LAU, Tze Man  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open,  4 Nature,  4 Photo Travel  Not Paid   -,  Hong Kong 
  LEA, Cora  (PRP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open,  4 Nature,  4 Photo Travel  Paid   Queensland,  Australia 
  LEE, Ching-Hsiung  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open,  4 Nature,  4 Photo Travel  Not Paid   Changhua County,  Taiwan 
  LEE, Hak Young  (PRP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open,  4 Nature,  4 Creative Colour  Paid   Seoul,  South Korea 
  LEPPIEN, Sharron  (NOP)  4 Colour Open,  4 Nature,  4 Photo Travel  Paid   Nsw,  Australia 
  LI, Ching-Shun  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open,  4 Nature,  4 Photo Travel  Not Paid   Changhua,  Taiwan 
  LIEBERTZ, Norbert  (PRP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open,  4 Nature,  4 Creative Colour,  4 Photo Travel,  4 Differences In Society  Paid   Nrw,  Germany 
  LIN, Wolfgang, MPSA, SPSA, EFIAP  (RCV)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open,  4 Photo Travel  Paid   Hong Kong 
  MAGUIRE, Peter, AFIAP, LRPS  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open,  4 Nature  Paid   Newcastle Upon Tyne,  England 
  MARIELLA, Marcello  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open,  4 Photo Travel  Not Paid   Foggia,  Italy 
  MARTIN, Kylie-Ann, AFIAP  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open,  4 Nature,  4 Creative Colour,  4 Photo Travel  Paid   West Midlands,  England 
  METCALFE, Margaret, AFIAP, FAPS  (NOP)  3 Monochrome Open,  3 Colour Open  Not Paid   Victoria,  Australia 
  MIRABILE, Mario, FAPS, AFIAP  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open  Paid   Victoria,  Australia 
  RAMPNOUX, Regis, EPSA, EFIAP  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open  Paid   Paris,  France 
  SCHNELZER, J.R., APSA, EPSA  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open,  4 Nature  Paid   Co,  USA 
  SCHOONUS, Dick  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open,  4 Nature,  4 Photo Travel  Paid   Berkel En Rodenrijs,  Netherlands 
  SIMAZ, Dario Mario  (PRP)  4 Colour Open  Paid   San Leonardo,  Italy 
  SOKOLSKAYA, Valentina, PPSA  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open,  4 Nature,  4 Photo Travel  Not Paid   Pennsylvania,  USA 
  SUWITRA, Ketut  (PRP)  4 Colour Open,  4 Creative Colour  Paid   Victoria,  Australia 
  THOMSON, Jim, FRPS  (NOP)  4 Nature  Paid   Nsw,  Australia 
  VAIDYA, Dnyaneshwar, AFIAP  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open,  4 Creative Colour  Not Paid   Maharashtra,  India 
  VAJAIANU, Alexandre, EFIAP/b  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open  Paid   Bucarest,  Romania 
  WALCH, Michael  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open,  4 Nature,  4 Creative Colour,  4 Photo Travel  Paid   Immenstadt,  Germany 
  WILKINSON, Eileen, ARPS, AFIAP  (NOP)  4 Colour Open  Paid   Herne Bay,  England 
  WILLSHAW, Karen, QPSA, AFIAP, FAPS  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open,  4 Nature,  4 Photo Travel  Paid   Queensland,  Australia 
  YOSIFOV, Svetlin  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open,  4 Photo Travel  Not Paid   Burgas,  Bulgaria 
  ZHANG, He  (NOP)  1 Monochrome Open,  1 Colour Open,  1 Differences In Society  Paid   Auckland,  New Zealand 
  ZURSCHMITTEN, Raymond-Paul  (NOP)  4 Monochrome Open,  4 Colour Open,  4 Nature  Paid   Zurich,  Switzerland 

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